At the foot of the exceptional massif of Sainte Baume, in the heart of the future regional natural park, the village of Plan d'Aups at 700 meters altitude, sheltered from the rock and a secular forest of beech and yew unique in Provence, benefits from a very pleasant climate associating Mediterranean sweetness and mountain freshness. In green Provence, equidistant from Marseille and Aix en Provence, near the sea, between the massifs of Sainte Victoire and Sainte Baume "Jas en Provence", our Provencal farmhouse in a park of foliage and of greenery will welcome you in a blooming good Provence, calm atmosphere inspiring tranquility and serenity.


According to the ancient Christian tradition, Mary Magdalene spent the last years of her life in this place of grace. The cave where she retired to pray there is now dedicated. . It remains today a magnificent place of resource and recollection for thousands of pilgrims.
On the way that leads you will walk through the relic forest, letting the light so special as painted by Paul Cezanne.
Continuing a little further, we arrive at the top of the mountain where a unique spectacle awaits you: The Mediterranean, the Alps, the immensity of the site, the blue sky the smells of wild nature .....

You are in Provence!


The Jas in Provence, to receive you will be a pleasure !!!
You will arrive as a tourist, you will leave as a friend !!!

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